Nov 21, 2022

sébastien besson ‘l’agrume’ macération
100% chardonnay

The Sébastien Besson ‘L’Agrume’ Maceration is a stunning and unique example of Chardonnay from Beaujolais country. Labeled Vin de France because the region doesn’t yet allow for this style of wine, the 20-year-old Chardonnay vines grow on a small plot of clay and limestone not far from the winery. Having spent 18 days on the skins during natural fermentation, the grapes were then gently pressed and returned to the stainless steel until complete (about 25 days total). Moved to both 225L and 500L used barrels, the wine was aged for 6 months before being bottled with only a touch of sulfites and without filtration. Agrume means ‘citrus’ to tip a hat to the natural citrus and bright characters of the grape, but this wine layers in so much extra depth and complexity than just citrus. With remarkable aromatics of earthy fruit, and a full texture in the mouth that lasts forever, this skin-fermented Chard is no joke.

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