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It was in the 1920s that Benoît Besson arrives in Lancie to work his brother’s vineyards, Paul Besson. Then it was his son, André Besson, taking over the family business in 1954 and starts to develop. Le Domaine du Penlois was notably precursor in the late 1930s, when Benoît Besson brings the Chardonnay on a particular hill of Lancie; the chatelard. (Mounds clay and limestone) He begins to design a white Beaujolais, the soil there is highly conducive.

Then, in 1977, Maxence Besson (son of André Besson and grand-son of Benoît Besson) get installed on the domain and begins a long work with the arrival of the 1st growths. Morgon arrived in the 1980s, the Julienas in the 1990s Le Moulin à Vent takes place in the range of Penlois wines in 2006 and the Chénas sign his arrival in 2008.

Sébastien Besson, son of Maxence Besson continues in the family line by his daily work in the field.

For nearly 100 years, the Domaine Penlois works in the respect of nature and the land, to design wines of great quality. Know-how from 4 generations provides total control of the vineyard and winemaking, to the delight of wine lovers.

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