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Le Domaine du Penlois operates 30 hectares of vineyards spread over the municipalities of Villé -Morgon , Lancie , Romanèche- Thoreins , Chenas , La Chapelle de Guinchay and Julienas . The estate consists of 90% Gamay , Beaujolais for red , and 10% Chardonnay for white and sparkling Beaujolais.

Le Domaine du Penlois maintains a high density of plants per hectare . This formula corresponds to our quality requirements to obtain very ripe grapes, essential to the design of very good wines from Gamay . Our vineyard is worked naturally , with great respect for nature , vineyards and our wines.

Today, there are 7 people who are employed full-time on the estate. Seasonal occasionally reinforce our teams at different times of the year.


14,5 Hectares de Gamay

2,5 hectares de Chardonnay


3,5 Hectares de Gamay


0,85 Hectares de Gamay


1,10 Hectares de Gamay


3,10 Hectares de Gamay

La Chapelle de Guinchay

1,90 Hectares de Gamay